Sunflower White Tea
Sunflower White Tea
Sunflower White Tea

Sunflower White Tea

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Exquisite white tea complimented by a touch of sunflower petals. This is one of our staffs favourite blends and perfect for any time of day


White Tea + Sunflower + Rosehip pieces + Hibiscus + Cornflower + Rose + Osmanthus + Safflower + Calendula Petals + Organic Natural Flavours

How To Brew:

1 tsp. at 180F for 2 minutes

180F = just before a full boil


White tea is known to be one of the most delicate of all the tea varieties. The young leaves are plucked just before they reach maturity and are covered in fine white hairs.

White tea is so minimally processed compared to its green & black tea counterparts that it is some of the freshest dried tea leaf available. 

Plant Origin

Yunnan, China

Patagonia, Chile

Nile River Delta, Egypt