The Best Christmas Gift Idea for Vegans | 7 Reasons Why It’s Tea!

The Best Christmas Gift for Vegans

The Best Christmas Gift Idea for Vegans | 7 Reasons Why It’s Tea!

Christmas is a fun time of year full of gift-giving and family connections. It’s a time when everyone can get together and appreciate the year behind them and bond over cups of hot cocoa in front of the fireplace. 

However, that doesn’t mean Christmas is always easy. 

Sometimes, you’ll come across a friend or family member who ends up being insanely difficult to find a gift for. You rack your brain for hours trying to figure the perfect present, only to come up empty at the end of the day. 

And if that person is Vegan? Well, you might as well forget about finding the perfect present for them. 



In fact, vegans may be the easiest people to shop for because there’s one gift that always hits the mark: Tea! 

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Holiday Tea Bundle, Perfect Gift for Vegans

#1: It’s Sustainably (and Ethically) Sourced!

We know better than anyone that vegans are incredibly picky about where they get their products—and for a good reason. After all, what’s the point in buying something at the expense of other people, animals, or our planet? 

We can’t speak for our competitors, but at Grow Tea Co., we are a woman-owned and operated business with a focus on premium botanicals. This means all of our tea is ethically and sustainably sourced. Not only will your vegan companion thank you for the gift, but they’ll also thank you for the thought you put into where you got it from! 

Sunflower White tea, Vegan Christmas Gift

#2: There’s an Incredible Variety

If there’s a flavor you or your vegan friend enjoys, there’s a tea flavor for it. Vanilla and Cinnamon? Got it. Honey with hints of caramel? Got it. Floral and sweet? You bet. 

Here are just a few of the flavors we offer: 

Not only that but there are teas available that are caffeine-free for those with sensitivities and teas that can be used to make delicious vegan cocktails.

The bottom line is, no matter what your vegan buddy enjoys, there’s a tea that can bring their favorite flavors to life. 

Loose Leaf Tea Canisters, Eco-Friendly Tea, Vegan Christmas Gift

#3: There Are Health Benefits

Vegans are all about health, which is why it’s imperative that whatever gift you decide to get them reflects that. Not only is tea proven to help with pains, spasms, and stress, but certain teas can also target specific physiological or psychological issues. 

For example, chamomile and lavender teas help to promote sleep and reduce anxiety. Green tea encourages weight loss. Black tea protects the lungs and reduces the likelihood of a stroke. White tea...well, you get the picture. 

#4: The List of Things You Can Do With it Are Endless

Yes, you can drink tea. Everyone knows that, but are you aware of the other uses tea has? 

For example, meats cooked with tea leaves have a much deeper flavor profile than those that aren’t. Additionally, many types of tea can be turned into a paste and applied to the skin to decrease irritation and acne. Then, of course, even if you don’t like plain tea, you can make a tea latte! 

#5: It Promotes Mindfulness

There’s a reason Buddist monks sip on tea as they stare thoughtfully out over the landscape, past just doing it for the dramatics. 

Most teas contain a  compound called L-Theanine, which is both a proven anxiolytic and works with caffeine to help us remain focused and awake. In other words, it promotes a state of calm mindfulness. 

This compound is also shown to be significantly higher in matcha teas, which is why you’ll often see matcha as the drink of choice for the monks in question. 

Holiday Tea Gift, Gift for Vegans

#6: Tea Can Take You Anywhere

Because teas are grown around the world (with certain teas only able to be produced in specific locations and climates), every sip of tea is a new adventure. Take, for example, a warming cup of jasmine tea, the preparations for which have been perfected over centuries of Japanese history. 

Every tea you’ve had so far and every sip you’ll take in the future tells a story. By gifting your vegan friend tea from our catalog, you’re giving them more than just a delicious beverage. You’re gifting them adventures. 

Vegan Tea Gift, Vegan Christmas Gift

#7: Tea Creates an Ambiance that Can’t Be Replicated

If you’ve ever had tea (and I mean really had it), you know what I’m talking about. The process of making the tea is cathartic as you boil the water in its kettle and set out the cream and sugar containers from your tea set. 

Then, the fragrance of the tea wafting up as you transfer it to its ceramic pot or into the glasses awaiting it drifts in through your nose and warms your chest like nothing else. 

With tea, you can easily spend several hours with a friend talking the day away with no trace of cellphones, television, or interruptive technology to be found. 


Tea is an incredible gift for anyone—but for vegans most of all. Not only is it ethical and healthy, but it’s also a healing gift that will warm their soul. 

If you’re unsure of what gift to get your vegan friend this Christmas, we highly recommend ordering one of our Holiday Tea bundles. These bundles are selected to give your giftee both a variety of teas to try and flavors that match the season. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get them that perfect gift. 

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