Rose Garden
Rose Garden
Rose Garden
Rose Garden

Rose Garden

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Herbal symphony with delicious mint notes and hints of peach & spice.


Peppermint + Spearmint leaves + Rosehip pieces + Ginger + Rooibos +Rose + Calendula + Sunflower + Osmanthus petals

How To Brew:

1 tsp. at 200F for 4 minutes

200F = a full rolling boil


The Osmanthus flowering plant is fairly common around the world. It has beautiful white flowers that release a heavenly scent, commonly compared to the Jasmine scent. An interesting legend has been told about the Osmanthus. During a terrible plague, a sky fairy took seeds from the Osmanthus plant on the moon and scattered it throughout the world. The gorgeous flowers began to bloom, then were made into wine & tea which helped cure this terrible plague. To bad its just a legend, this year could use a miracle like this one. 

Plant Origin 

Washington State - USA
Patagonia - Chile
Petchabun - Thailand
Cederberg - South Africa
Nile River Delta - Egypt